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Why combine delivery?

Combining delivery of multiple items from your warehouse not only ensures professional packaging, but also helps save on international shipping costs as compared to separate shipments.

An example of selecting GD-EMS for shipment to the United States.
Assuming the first weight is 500g, costing 30 USD, and each subsequent weight of 500g is priced at 10 USD, with a handling fee of 1 USD per parcel.

Let’s assume you have 3 items that weigh 700g, 1100g, and 1600g respectively.

1. If you opt for regular shipping (where parcels are sent individually), the cost will be 153 USD.

(30+10+1)+(30+10*2+1)+(30+10*3+1)=153 USD

2. If you select the option of combined shipping, the shipping fee will only be 91 USD.

The combined weight of the parcel is calculated as follows: 700g + 1100g + 1600g = 3400g.

Shipping fee: 30+10*6+1=91 USD

Combining shipments saves you 2 first weights + 2 operation fees, and directly saves 62 USD in shipping

153-91=62 USD

The weight and quantity of a parcel are key factors that various countries use to determine if it’s a personal or commercial shipment. Parcels over 10KG have a higher likelihood of being classified as commercial, and a large quantity of the same item is another significant reason for being regarded as commercial. Therefore, we suggest considering the weight and number of items when selecting the option to combine multiple items for shipping.