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CNDepot Warehouse Quality Inspection Service Scope:

Appearance Inspection:

  • After the goods arrive at the CNDepot warehouse, professional inspectors will check the appearance of the items, including color, large-scale damage, stains, size, model, and version number. Color differences and actual size discrepancies are not covered by the inspection.

Electronic Digital Products:

  • For electronic digital products, the inspection only covers appearance and does not check the completeness of accessories or perform a power-on check. Inspectors will send arrival photos for users to confirm the product.

Sealed Package Products:

  • For products other than clothing/bags/luggage/shoes, or for items with sealed packaging or seals, CNDepot will not open the packaging and will only inspect the appearance.

Prohibited Items Inspection:

  • All products and packaging must not contain any prohibited items and must pass CNDepot’s inspection to ensure safety.

Disclaimer: Actual Use Conditions:

  • The inspection results are based on the actual use conditions of the goods and the seller’s defect statements.

Special Items:

  • Color differences, size discrepancies, usage effects, etc., are not covered by the inspection. Electronic digital products are considered special items; inspectors only check the appearance and do not perform power-on tests.

Unverifiable Information:

  • For unverifiable information, such as items without obvious damage or contamination, it is assumed that you have reached an agreement with the seller.

Non-compliant Transportation Conditions:

  • If it is found that the goods do not meet transportation conditions upon receipt, we will mark the order specially and remind you to negotiate return services.