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Notices of Signing for Parcel
Parcel Return Policy:
  1. If a parcel is returned due to domestic security issues, we will contact you and resend it for free.
  2. If a parcel is returned from abroad due to reasons such as “unqualified international security”, “no sign”, “address unknown”, or “out for delivery”, the recipient is responsible for the redelivery fee.
  3. Parcels may need to go through customs clearance when arriving in a foreign country. If customs considers the item in the parcel to be special, the recipient may need to provide invoices or proof of customs clearance. If the recipient fails to provide this information, resulting in the parcel being returned, the recipient will be responsible for paying any customs fees incurred.
Confiscation of Goods:

We will verify the material and category of the goods, but we cannot determine if they are genuine or fake. If the goods are determined to be imitation, fake, or sensitive items, and the parcel is confiscated, the recipient is responsible.

Sign-off Notices:
  1. Before accepting the goods, check for any obvious differences.
  2. If the parcel has visible damage or breakage, the recipient should check it in front of the postman and make a note or refuse to accept it.
  3. If the parcel is not checked in front of the postman and has damage, keep the original packaging and provide us with the invoice, photos, and other evidence within 2 working days. We will negotiate with the local post office for compensation.
  4. Normal sign-off marks the end of the shipping process and we will not take responsibility after that.
  5. If there is a problem after sign-off, please contact customer service within 72 hours. We cannot assist with cases reported over 72 hours later.
Exemption Clause:
  1. Claims are only accepted for loss, not damage, of fragile and vulnerable goods, regardless of whether strengthening packaging was used.
  2. Dangerous and contraband goods are not included in claims (e.g. compressed gases, flammable liquids, corrosive substances, etc.).
  3. Claims do not cover losses or expenses due to the natural loss, defects, or characteristics of the goods, price changes, or natural disasters such as bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, or flood.
  4. No compensation will be provided for product expiration, loss of warranty, or delay due to uncontrollable factors such as weather or customs clearance.
  5. If a parcel is not delivered within the promised timeline due to the recipient’s refusal to cooperate with customs (including paying tariffs), all losses or responsibilities will be the recipient’s responsibility and parcel forward logistics will not be liable.