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What are the risks associated with customs?

1. Risk Related:

When you place an order for products on Cndepot, the system will generate a risk alert for your items during the order and verification process. Once the goods are shipped to our warehouse, our company will suggest a low-risk shipping route based on the product characteristics and previous transportation experience.

Please note that some goods may come with inherent customs risks (such as a possibility of returned packages, fines, taxes, etc.) and the recipient will be responsible for these risks. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Declaration Related:

When purchasing products on Cndepot, please refer to the Tariff Threshold Reference and transportation history for reasonable declaration (you can choose between Personalized Declaration or System Declaration when submitting your parcel).

Please be aware that the likelihood of tariffs being imposed is subject to customs inspection frequency and may be impacted by customs policies. For more information, see the Tariff Threshold Reference. You will be responsible for any customs-related risks, such as returned packages, fines, taxes, etc.

Additionally, if your product is heavy or has a high value, it may increase the chance of random inspection by customs. It is advised to avoid situations where the parcel is excessively heavy or has a large quantity of similar products.