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How long can my products be stored in the CNDepot warehouse?
  1. The storage period for regular parcels purchased or forwarded is 90 days, starting from the order status “In Storage.” You will receive a system email reminder when the period is about to expire. However, if no shipment order is submitted or no feedback is provided within the 90 days, it will be considered as abandonment of the goods, and we will uniformly destroy the expired items.
  2. The storage period for abnormal parcels (i.e., parcels received by the warehouse or those with incomplete logistics information) is 30 days, starting from the order status “Received.” Since such parcels cannot be matched to specific orders or users, no reminder will be issued. After the period, CNDepot will consider the storage as abandoned and destroy the items.

Related Details:

  1. During the storage period, CNDepot is responsible for the safekeeping of the items and bears the corresponding responsibility. However, the shelf life of the items is not included in the storage responsibility (e.g., perishable items with a shelf life of only one month).
  2. No further notifications or warnings will be issued for destroyed items.

To avoid the destruction of your items, please submit your parcels within the effective storage period. Thank you for your support and understanding!