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Verify & Purchase time:
Beijing time 09:00-18:00 submitted order, we will deal with it within 6 hours to complete;
Beijing time 19:00-08:00 submitted order, we will be processed before 2 PM the next day;

Note: except for cannot contact the seller or abnormal orders
The sellers’ delivery time: Generally Chinese domestic Taobao sellers will send out the delivery within 3~7 days (except for part of the customized products apre-order items)
Jingdong, Amazon self-running logistics will deliver items on the same day of purchasing (not self-running, franchised merchants send out delivery within 3-5 da
The actual duration depends on the seller
The Chinese domestic delivery time to Cndepot warehouse:(Cndepot warehouse is located in Chengdu, Sichuan)
For sellers located in SIchuan province- normally your order will arrive at our warehouse within 1-2days. other provinces, around 3-5 days.

1. The order status is “Order pending”: You can visit user center → “Order” to cancel your orders. Your payment will be immediately refunded to your Cndepot balance.
2. The order status is “Order processing”: You can visit user center → “Order” to cancel your orders. If we haven’t purchased the items, we will cancel the order and refund to your Cndepot balance within one working day.
3. The order status is “Purchased”: You can visit user center → “Order” to click “aftersales” on the corresponding order. We will then request for refunds from the seller. If the seller has not yet delivered the items, the corresponding money will be refunded to your Cndepot account balance upon seller confirmation, which normally takes 3 days.
4. The order status is “Seller Sent”: If the seller uses fake tracking number and does not send out the items; you can visit user center → “Order” to click “aftersales” on the corresponding order. We will then request for refunds from the seller. The corresponding money will be refunded to your Cndepot account balance upon seller confirmation, which normally takes 7 days.
5. 5 days after the order status turns ” Stored In Warehouse “: You can visit user center → “Order” to click “aftersales” on the corresponding order. We will then request for return with the seller but we cannot guarantee for approval. With the seller’s approval, we will process the return as soon as possible. The returned parcel tracking number will be displayed in the corresponding order. After the seller receives the items and refunds us, the system will automatically return money to your Cndepot account balance. Generally speaking, this process takes 7-15 days and it depends on the time the seller spent in confirming the refund.

If you have any enquires or complaints, please feel free to contact our 7×(9:00-18:00)(UTC+8) online customer services team at any time. In addition, feel free to contact our Customer Manager by sending him an email ([email protected] ) to express your shopping experiences with us. Our vision is to provide the best service to our customers and satisfy them, so that we will not allow seeing unsatisfied cases occurred. If so, we will definitely listen to our customers and solve the relevant issues for sure.

Of course you can, simply tell us what you want. Our ‘Experts Service’ team will help you to find good reputed sellers, greater quality similar items with lower price, etc.

Don’t worry, as long as your items are legal, we will try our best to provide the best advice we can to you. Some special items might have different limitations due to the countries policy. Please contact our customer service team for more help.

As mentioned earlier, Cndepot is not only providing shopping agent services to our customer, we also provide a strong and efficient after-sales service, including quality issues and delivery issues. We are not like other platforms that transfer the responsibilities to sellers or logistics companies, because Cndepot is our customers’ reliable friends. Our unique 7×(9:00-18:00)(UTC+8) customer service team, who are professional and bilingual, will follow up any of your enquiries until your questions have been solved because customer first is our aim.

Shopping Agent Service is our cord service. We purchase items from China to our customers based on customers’ wants and instructions. In addition, we provide services for the whole process from recommendation in purchasing, quality inspection, storage, delivery and after sales services to ensure our customers receive satisfied items. The better shopping experience will be gained by using our Shopping Agent service.
Through Cndepot’ website, you can get what you want by making payments with local currency. The processes is shown as below:

1. Login to our website to search the items you would like us to purchase for you by providing items details. In this step, we will provide some related information, such as delivery or purchase tip/ recommendations, or even to assist you to find the better options.
2. Once the items have arrived to our warehouse, we will inspect the items quality for you and store them in our warehouse. You have up to 3 months free storage to store your items.
3. You could pick a suitable time for delivery and remind us to deliver your items to you. If you do not need those items immediately, we recommend you to stock more items and deliver them into one shipment in order to save delivery fee.
4. No matter whether the items are on its way or arrived to your place, our customer service will take responsibilities to assist you regarding to any after-sales issues.

0 service fee is our service philosophy. Customers just need to pay the items costs and delivery fee, no other additional service fee is added. However, it does not mean our service quality would be compromised. In contrast, our goal is to provide the best customer service in this field. Therefore, we welcome our customers to compare us with other service providers in the market in terms of service quality and charges


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Order Detail, Quick View, Delivery Status.

Urge Delivery

If order hasn't been shipped within 3 days after payment, you may click here to urge shipping.


Not delivered, items lost / damaged, logistics enquiries assistance.

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